Continuity of Care

10258338_654759834617254_301693228855568565_o“Midwifery care is personalized care.  Despite parameters of safety the midwife must uphold, she knows that wellness is an amorphous state with periodic deviations from normal.  Her task is to decipher the unique and fluid patterns of each mother’s health status.  The more thorough and continuous her care, the more likely she is to detect a complication at its inception.  And the better she and the mother communicate, the more readily will they develop and implement a solution.”  Elizabeth Davis


Valeria and Rome Birth Center – Casa Maternità a Testaccio midwives provide expectant parents a comprehensive array of midwifery care and services. Typically, these are offered as a continuum aligned with gestation and need. This Continuity of Care is the foundation of the Center’s holistic approach. However, if circumstances call for, each service can be customized to address an expectant mother’s unique situation, needs and wishes.

Prenatal Visits

  • Prenatal visits build the foundation of trust vital to the special mother and midwife relationship and are scheduled around each woman’s gestation and adjusted as the pregnancy progresses.
  • The base schedule includes visits monthly until 28 weeks, twice monthly until 38 weeks and weekly until the birth.
  • Visits will take place in the office until around 36 weeks, and at home beginning with the 38 week visit.
  • Our first two visits will take about an hour and a half. We will take a detailed health history, get to know you and your baby and answer all your questions. Subsequent visits will last about an hour, during which the health and well-being of both mom and baby are monitored.
  • During each visit we will offer you information, resources and support on how to nurture yourself through pregnancy and beyond as well as answer all your questions.

Home Visits

  • The 38 week visit marks the start of our on-call period (please see the FAQs section for our detailed definition of “on call”). Going forward, each prenatal visit will be in your home! This allows us to make sure we know the way to your house, the realities of parking and gates as well as providing an opportunity for us to become familiar with your environment and the people around you. We love meeting the people you will have at your birth, as well as giving them an opportunity to ask us any questions they might have. At this visit we also seek to provide any missing explanation or details to you and your loved ones. This kind of teamwork allows for empowered, personalized care. Think you want a water birth, lotus birth, or for your partner to catch the baby? This visit is also a time to discuss your birth wishes, transport procedures, and ensure that your space is ready to receive a baby! We all commit to working together as a team.
  • Also at this visit, we bring and leave all of our medical equipment for birth. Together we find suitable place to set up and store this equipment, conveniently out of sight and out of mind until we need it to welcome your newborn. We also integrate your birth supplies (please see the handout) with what we’ve brought. Lastly we organize and verify plans for birth & postnatal support and privacy systems.

Post Date Pregnancies

  • Pregnancies going beyond 40 weeks and up to 42 weeks will be treated with extra care and electronic monitoring will be increased to ensure the health of you and your child. We will communicate and see each other more often.

Postnatal Care Visits

  • We will make five visits to your home in the ten days after birth. We will visit your home within 24 hours of the birth and 2-3 times thereafter in the first week, staggering visits to ensure that you feel well supported, breastfeeding is well established and any weight or other potential issues can be resolved.

Delayed Engagements

  • Coming late to care with Valeria and the team? We require you to have at least four visits with us before we feel comfortable going on call for your birth. We will work hard with you to make this a scheduling possibility.

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