Rome Birth Center – Casa Maternità a Testaccio

Rome Birth Center“A midwife is a birthing woman’s ally, not her authority.  She is a confidant.  She understands the importance of being respectful and gentle with another person’s most intimate parts of herself.  She knows that safety in childbirth is more about prevention than treatment, of learning to listen closely, helping a woman have a healthy attitude and promoting normalcy…she protects both the privacy of the woman and the integrity of the family.” Elizabeth Davis

Since opening its doors in 1989, the Rome Birth Center – Casa Maternità a Testaccio has been a recognized leader in helping moms and dads realize the benefits of home and birth center natural active childbirth. Here you will find a loving and highly dedicated team of midwives and other professionals delivering high quality care while assisting moms and dads as they make informed maternity and birthing decisions leading to a safe home, clinic or hospital birth and a successful start for their new family.

Led by midwife Valeria Barchiesi, the team of midwives and other professionals, with as-needed support from Rome’s foremost birthing and health care experts, the Rome Birth Center – Casa Maternità a Testaccio offers moms and dads a range of services, a continuity of care, focused on good health and recognition of pregnancy and birth as a natural process.

Initially inspired by her personal experience as a mother after the midwife-attended home birth of her daughter, Valeria has dedicated the last 30 years to building collaborative relationships with moms, dads and their babies. She and the Rome Birth Center – Casa Maternità a Testaccio team have supported thousands of births in home, private clinic and hospital settings.

For over 25 years, the Rome Birth Center – Casa Maternità a Testaccio has served both the local and international community residing in metropolitan Rome and offers services in Italian and English.

  • Complete prenatal care, screening and counseling
  • Comprehensive home birth service including water birth
  • Active birth, breastfeeding and parentcraft support in office and home
  • Home, clinic and hospital labor coaching
  • Domino scheme: (labor at home, hospital delivery, home follow-up)
  • Pre- and postnatal classes
  • 24-hour availability when on call and in case of emergency

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